About Me


I’m Shubham. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from University of Mumbai and a master’s degree in Information Technology and Data Analytics from Rutgers University, I’ve set out to explore the gargantuan world of data.

With a strong focus in data visualization, I aspire to become the bridge between complex data structures and beautifully laid out visualizations.

I believe that every passing second has a story to tell – the story of data that was generated in the very moments of its existence. With the world now booming with more data than it could ever imagine in the 90’s, It has become crucial for any organization to be able to effectively gather, analyze, and securely store this data, while simultaneously leveraging it to increase business value.

I believe that as an engineer with excellent analytical skills and a sound understanding of operations, and as a team playing, hardworking learner imbibed with Project Management and Engineering Economic decision-making skills – I am able to efficiently tap into this pool of data and leverage my technical prowess in the field of Information Technology and Analytics.

Throughout my academic life, I’ve always stood out for following my passion and going miles to get things done. I served as the head of photography and media during my undergraduate days. I was also an active member of the IEEE chapter workforce and the Student’s council.

I served as the Vice President of Branding and Marketing during my first semester of my master’s degree at Rutgers University. I was later the Treasurer and the Head of Student Mentor Program for the Student’s Government at Rutger’s Business School. I handled the on boarding for the Fall 2018 batch of over 150 students in the Master’s of Information Technology and Analytics Department.

In my personal life, I’m an avid photographer and traveler. I love hiking, traveling and being outdoors. When I’m not working, I’ll set out to explore new places, cultures and meet new people.

I am very passionate about music and I play the Guitar, Bass, Harmonica and Drums. My influences include, but are not limited to: The Pineapple Thief, Passenger, Mighty Oaks and Alter Bridge.

I’m also interested in cars. I’m a proud owner of a 3.5L Infiniti G35. Machines excite me and I’m always curious to know what’s under the hood.

Long story short – I’m a very outgoing person with a strong skill-set in data analytics and visualization.