Sometimes, learning is not enough. Combining knowledge with experience is the fastest way to imbibe myself with a strong skill-set and continuously evolve.

I make it a point to pick up something new every weekend and getting certified in new technologies and frameworks is my way of being up to date with the ever changing technology.

Here are few of the certifications I’ve completed in the past.

Tableau is one of the most used BI tool in the industry and having a certification in it has enabled me to master data visualizations more efficiently than ever.
Google Cloud Platform is an one stop shop for all analytics needs. This certificate has broadened my skill-set to be able to leverage new technologies to tackle complex business problems.
Data is useless if it cannot be accessed. SQL has served as the go to language to query, modify and store data. Learning SQL was one of the most interesting aspects of becoming a data analyst.
Hadoop revolutionized scalable big data systems. Being able to use scalable frameworks is one of the most fundamental aspects of data analytics.