Rutgers University

Rutgers Business School

Master of Information Technology and Analytics

September 2017 – January 2019

GPA: 3.7/4



University of Mumbai

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology

Electronics Engineering

August 2012 – May 2016

GPA: 6.23/10


Programming Languages: SQL, Python, R, Big Query, VBA.

Libraries: Pandas, Numpy, MatPlotLib, Plotly, Lubridate, CaTools, Dplyr, SciKit Learn.

Software Tools: Tableau, Alteryx, Looker, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel.

Data Platforms: Hadoop, Hive, Big Table, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform.

Knowledge Areas: ETL, Linux, Project Management, Data Modeling & Warehousing, Business Analysis, ITIL, SDLC, Agile, Dashboards.

Professional Experience


Advanced Analytics Services – Country Risk / Insight Analytics Intern

June 2018 – August 2018

  • Built dashboards monitoring 132 countries on financial and economic indicators reducing reporting time by 2
  • Compiled and curated comprehensive data sets using internal, external public and paid data sources and government
  • Leveraged Hadoop and Hive Platforms to perform data ETL.
  • Utilized Microsoft Power BI to blend, join and aggregate data and generate comprehensive reports.
  • Optimized forecasting algorithms reducing update time from 1 day to 1
  • Led the design of a hazard map to enable businesses to optimize their supply chain network based on geographical
  • Derived trends and actionable insights from real-time financial and economic data, supporting economists with
  • Analyzed and forecasted the impact of economic barriers like tariffs on commodities for national and international trade
  • Built and maintained data models, experiments, algorithms and related business and financial reporting logic.
  • Transformed low-value datasets into highly structured and consistent data models for use by analysts, data scientists and reporting tools.


Business / Data Analyst

March 2017 – June 2018

  • Consolidated financial and loan data from various sources into an actionable format for analysis, visualization and reporting.
  • Enhanced the reporting process by developing dashboard using Tableau and Power BI, integrating SQL Server and Access databases.
  • Wrote queries in SQL to find anomalies in data to ensure data integrity and consistency across all sources.
  • Created and presented monthly analyses on various operational KPIs and monitored them to improve overall business growth.

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Business Analyst

August 2018 – March 2019

  • Implemented a Customer Database system using Apache Server, Python and SQL to collect customer data.
  • Designed comprehensive financial reports leveraging Tableau and MS Excel.


Business Development Associate

July 2016 – November 2016

  • Analyzed Social Media and Tracked E-Commerce Web Metrics such as Engagement and Views to identify potential
  • Analyzed nationwide data to identify KPIs and generate insights based on sales revenue and product reach in the market
  • Managed customer leads which facilitated networking with clients to expand business and increase sales.
  • Reviewed sales order, inventory and logistics database for the company, ensuring organized order placement and delivery.
  • Tracked and resolved product related issues on customer end.


Know Your Customer – Hotel Management Database System. (Python, Apache, Excel, My SQL, HTML5)

  • Developed a Web interface using HTML5 forms and back end was set up using Apache Server, MySQL and Python CGI.
  • Interface collects data on customer, room type, payment method, events and provides booking confirmation.

Opinion Analysis – Natural Language Processing for Twitter (Twitter API, Power BI, Excel, JSON, Python, NLTK, TextBlob)

  • Designed a model in Python to identify the public sentiment on any given #Hashtag using TextBlob, NLTK Libraries and Twitter API.

Instagram Database Clone – User Analytics. (SQL, MySQL Workbench, Cloud9, RDBMS)

  • Modeled a database mirroring Instagram’s schema. Queried and analyzed the database to reveal insights about Hashtags, Users, Likes, Followers, Photos, Account History and Timestamps.
  • Queried the data to detect inactive users, bots, top content creators and most viewed photos.

Google Legal – Copyright Removal Requests. (Delimit, Excel, Tableau, SQL, SQLite)

  • Analyzed dataset containing 358+ million records for actionable requests. Relationship among records was mapped in delimit.
  • Derived insightful observations from the analyses and provided recommendation to Google’s team in handling exceptions, false requests and false

Hazard Map – Enterprise Risk Mitigation. (Tableau, OpenStreetMaps, NOAA, EMDAT.)

  • Designed a database listing natural, man-made and cyber disasters and geopolitical events for a
  • Modeled a geographic area for resilience based on GIS data and Economic
  • Designed an Interactive Map highlighting areas of high risk, High Sustainability and ROI for enterprise risk

Every Supercharger In The World – Growth Analytics For Tesla Supercharger Network (Tableau, Power BI, MS Excel)

  • Analyzed geographic patterns in data, performed density analysis to reveal
  • Projected country wise growth to analyze rate of adoption of electric cars across the
  • Filtered out data to reveal the current status of superchargers and stall

Customer Retention Time Predictor for Online Newsletters. (R Studio, dplyr, lubridate)

  • Using customer data, developed a random forest model to predict customer retention time for online newsletters in R Studio.

Human Resource and Information Management System. (SQL, MySQL Workbench)

  • System included payroll management for employees. It also managed paying their rents and planning for their
  • Deductions in salaries of employees such as tax and absence will be recorded in the system and will reflect on their gross

Species Lens – Monkey Species Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks (Python, TensorFlow)       

  • Developed a Convolutional Neural Network model to classify monkeys based on their species.
  • Implemented TensorFlow to construct the model and Proposed a 3- layer CNN architecture with filter size of 3.
  • Achieved a validation accuracy of 62.5% and a test set accuracy of 60% for a relatively smaller dataset of 1887 images

Leadership and Accomplishments

Teaching Assistant – Foundations of Business Programming (Python and Statistics) |Rutgers University

Vice President of Branding and Marketing (2017-2018) | Treasurer (2018) | Rutgers Student Government